What is Lovable?

Lovable is a multimedia project (photography, video and audio) for youth (14-19). Our slogan is “all bodies are good bodies” and we want to share that concept through self portraiture and digital storytelling.

Our main goal is to empower youth to fight back against the beauty standards and ad campaigns aimed at their bodies. We have the choice to love our own bodies in the shape, form, ability that they are right now.

Who is Lovable?

The Lovable facilitators and organizers are a group of passionate women who have skills to share! Specifically: photography, storytelling and digital media. We are a group committed to creating concrete opportunities for women to tell and share their stories all the while gaining some skills and using our professional gear.

We aim for every participant to be able to walk away from Lovable with these three things:

The ability to pick up a professional-grade DSLR camera and be able to use it to take beautiful photographs.

To be able to feel more grateful for their body than when they came in. We want to facilitate meaningful conversations with participants about patriarchy, the beauty industry and self-worth/love.

A fully finished multi media video of their self portrait photography and their story.


Based out of Vancouver, BC, unceded Coast Salish Territory